Anavar hair loss

The usual cause of accelerated pattern baldness is due to the increase of male hormones DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Because of Dianabol intake, your body's enzyme will convert testosterone into DHT or a highly potent form of testosterone. DHT is actually an active metabolite and the metabolites are compounds that are essential for normal growth, physical development and reproduction. DHT is also known as androgenic hormone which has the main function of controlling and boosting the development of the male characteristics. Aside from this, DHT is also important in suppressing the effects of the female's hormone estrogen that is also found in men in small amounts.

Anavar is highly ranked among the safest steroids because it is very minimally toxic to the liver. In fact, previously it was prescribed for liver damage patients as well as those with alcoholic hepatitis. Studies reveal that a daily dose of Oxandrolone taken in a period of 6 weeks had a negligible impact on the liver and instead improved protein production and hepatic homeostasis. It was also found that Oxandrolone does not cause hepatomegaly which in layman’s terms is swelling of the liver. Unlike other anabolic-androgenic steroids, it has minimal effect on blood pressure and both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. It should be noted, however, that when used in too high a dosage and for too long, it may cause a strain on the liver by preventing it from breaking down active ingredients. Mild loss of appetite, fatigue and anxiety has also been reported with connection to its use.

Anavar hair loss

anavar hair loss


anavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair loss