Nap 50 liver

I think it is great to have everyone commenting on this diet. I just started the diet yesterday and I already see I am going to have a hard time giving up a few things, mainly sugar. Not that I eat sugar all the time. I take people to lunch for my job so eating out and traveling is going to be hard on this diet as where will I get my juice in the morning(I have to say 2 days on the fresh juice and I kind of like it) the telling sign will be afternoons and do I experience the need for a nap around 1-3 pm. Oh well I just wanted to say good luck to everyone and keep sharing as I see this as a Journey to a new me and I should be able to make it 8 weeks without a steak,damn I love steak.

This goes into more detail about the genetic mutation responsible for Gilbert's Syndrome. Genetic mutations are given a asterisk notation, and the mutation causing Gilbert's Syndrome is called UGT1A1*28. The mutation is not in the structure of the enzyme, which is fine, but in the amount of it that is produced. The area responsible for this is called the promoter region. In Caucasian and African populations, this is the most common cause of Gilbert's Syndrome, while in Japanese populations, a mutation known as G71R alters the effectiveness of the UGT1A1 enzyme with nearly identical results.

Nap 50 liver

nap 50 liver


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